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Who We are

The Hook-Up Events Team

We are the Browns. We're a family of party-goers and shin-dig-throwers! We started this company to take what we know about making events excellent and put it to good use for our friends, family, and community. 

The concept came from a late night chat over a few whisky gingers. We reminisced about all the good times we'd had and all the great parties we'd thrown. We wanted to come up with a unique way of offering those same level of experiences to others. 


We can't tell you exactly how we got there but somehow our idea evolved into us buying a vintage trailer and using it to start a business that provides unique services for events to make them beyond memorable. And with that, The Hook-Up Events was born.

The 1949 Aljoa

Only a couple days after deciding to take on this new venture, we were picking up our very first trailer, the 1949 Aljoa. She wasn't exactly purrty but had more potential than we could ask for.


We quickly began planning how we were going to make this tin can the bell of every ball. Beer taps, bulb lights, retro decor, our vision for this little trailer was HUGE. And off to work we went!

Meet Beverly

A few months later, we were part-picking for our project at SoCal Vintage Trailer and got to talking to the owner, Denny. He showed us around and introduced us to one of the most beautiful trailers we'd ever seen. It was love at first site.

He had built her from the ground up and was looking to find her a new home. It didn't take us long to decide that we wanted her to join our family. So, the SoCal Vintage Trailer team freshened her up with a new paint job and a few weeks later we were hooking up to bring her home.

But before we left the shop, we thought it only right that Denny be the one to give her a name. It didn't take more than a moment for him to decide on the name Beverly, after his mother. The perfect name for the perfect trailer. 

Pushing Through  2020

Timing is everything and unfortunately ours was far from on point. Fortunately between our friends, family, and local community not only did we make it through 2020 but we expanded our photo booth offerings by creating the "mini-booth".


We also connected with other local vendors, venues, and small businesses that were impacted by Covid and managed to find opportunities to both connect and let people know we were ready to party when they were. After a rough first year we came out stronger and have since been blessed by a booming 2021.

to be continued...

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